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High-end cutting tools rapid development

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In recent years, Chinese enterprises hardware tools greatly improve the level of equipment, imported a large number of high-end digital tools and manufacture of special equipment. According to customs statistics, from 2010 to the first half of 2012, total imports of nearly 2,400 units. Imports of these devices in the enterprise, foreign-owned, joint ventures with Chinese companies about half of each tool. Today, many domestic enterprises tool equipment level with counterparts in developed countries has been quite substantially. Thus, users often ask the question: China's equipment tools business conditions have improved, but in the ability to supply Carbide Drill Bits etc high-end tool with foreign counterparts, the gap is still large, why?


At present, Chinese enterprises still produce most of the tools used in traditional low-end manufacturing standard tool-based, this production mode of operation so that enterprises in the true sense of competition in the market, nor establish the concept of manufacturing services to improve efficiency. Therefore, only revolutionized the concept of this inaction, can we truly enter the modern and efficient tool development track, the impact of product structure adjustment of China Tools Enterprise What is the biggest obstacle? Proven than objective material conditions, but the operator legalistic thinking concept.


The problem bluntly pointed out that the Chinese side of the tool developers bottleneck. Last decade, domestic and efficient tool starting from a very low base, growth and progress year by year, the results are obvious. At the same time, the majority of tools companies through decades of practice, and finally understand: the development of modern and efficient tool, if you rely solely on improving the level of equipment and manufacturing capabilities, without also improve the overall development and service capabilities, it is impossible to enter large-scale modern and efficient tool market, at best, can only do a little piecemeal import substitution, is difficult to significantly increase market share. Therefore, we must clearly understand: the lack of extension services to provide users with comprehensive capabilities, is Chinese enterprises with foreign advanced level tools major gaps must be determined to solve.


Is to KennmetalGN company and the name of Industrial Cooperative Research consulting firm HISGlobalInsight manufacturing changes in the market after the crisis for example, describes how multinational Tools Group tracking market dynamics, the adjustment of development strategy, improve business operation, pioneering the development of space some of the practices. Research findings that Kennametal convinced that: after the crisis its main target markets are still very huge space for development, and in which major industry growth potential for the next five years is also very impressive, which inspired the great leadership of the company's confidence in its future development. The survey also found that, from a global perspective, the emerging economies farewell next five years China's growth rate will be much more than the American and European countries, it should focus on opening up markets in Asia and China metastasis.


According to research results, Kennametal CEO for the dominant industries and geographic advantages, re-adjust the target market and development strategies. And in accordance with the new development strategy, restructuring the enterprises contracted technical innovation focus, optimize the management system, reorganization of sales networks. Through a series of intensive work and correct and timely strategic and tactical adjustments to Kennametal instability in the global economic recovery process and increasing uncertainties in the case, and achieved a sales revenue recovered to pre-crisis levels, profit margins over crisis before 37% of the outstanding performance.


Traditional hardware tools enterprises to enter the field of development and efficient tool introductory first lesson is to completely change a few decades the state of inaction, understand the market dynamics from active tracking began, the company's market position and its capacity-building work closely together, tie Real good solid development of modern and efficient tool for every door a homework. This is a required course for success, of course, to Chinese enterprises, including China's largest hardware tools Carbide End Mill etc CNC tool suppliers Zhuzhou Diamond current level of development, and Kennametal Tool Group is not in such a transnational level, there is a big gap. But this does not prevent us to learn from their tireless pioneering spirit.

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