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2013 exports continued to grow our hardware tool case

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Exported in the form of hardware tools continued to rise in 2013, except for door and window hardware, architectural hardware products include: faucets, shower, toilet accessories, toilet fittings, valves, fittings and other plumbing hardware; modular metal ceiling lights, active partition, metal decorative panel decorative Hardware Show; electric screwdriver bit top types of fasteners and metal wire, nails, screws, etc..

January 2013 to March, metal products sub-sectors in accordance with the cumulative total imports and exports Sort order: architectural hardware, tools, hardware, daily hardware, locks, cooking utensils and other gas appliances, shower room, stainless steel products, the size of the kitchen equipment, zippers and hoods.
Among them, three architectural hardware, tools, hardware and household hardware industry in the first half of the total import and export of the industry's total respectively 42.99%, 17.51%, 12.62% compared to a slight decrease in the same period last year, building hardware, Tools hardware industry, hardware increased slightly, but the domestic hardware tools brand's influence and quality is to be improved. 

Metal products industry in China's foreign trade for the general trade.
January 2013 to March, the general trade import and export trade volume increased by 12.52%, total imports and exports of 73.34 percent of the total industry. Among them, the general trade exports year-on-year increase of 15.25 percent a year earlier, representing a decrease of 3.16 percentage points, the general trade imports grew 2.39 percent, down 6.35 percentage points higher than the same period last year.
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