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Middle and low grade mold international market potential is huge

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ZHIDA hardware suppose that middle and low mold international market potential is huge. As long as the quality of domestic mold can have improved delivery can guarantee the mold for export prospects are very optimistic . In addition , the international market standard mold also a great demand . Customs data show that only a small amount of exports .


 Global manufacturing to accelerate the transfer of mainland China is a general trend , China will gradually develop into a world-class manufacturing base. Obvious advantages especially the Pearl River Delta region of Guangdong , will be developed within a decade to become the world center of mold . Meanwhile, in recent years, China's annual imports by nearly $ 1 billion mold , where sophisticated, large-scale , complex , long-life molds the majority, so from the perspective of reducing imports of such high-grade mold , hardware and tools in the market share percentage will gradually increases. The future, China's mold and hardware tools industry will also be among the highest in the world .


Users will be more emphasis on the future of the tool manufacturing plant research and development , not only in the field of materials and surface coating technology , but also in the product and its production process tool , the focus on production practices that will help to increase the tool factory in which they are familiar with the field of market competitiveness. In technical updating , carbide cutting tools gradually replace high speed steel tools , especially round cutter .


Coated End Mills applications increasingly common in Europe, with a new high-speed machining tool market share is growing. Manufacturer 's dynamics. From the tool manufacturers point of view, in high-tech areas of the market will be a lot of big companies powerful combination. Europe, machine tools and cutting tools. And versatile tool applications increased, replaced a lot of the past simple single-function tool . Tool market worldwide demand is growing.


China's hardware industry chain at least 70% of private enterprises or small private enterprises, the main force of China's hardware industry . China has gradually become the world's largest metal processing and exporting countries , and has become one of the world's largest producer of metal , has a vast potential market and the consumer . The domestic market for high-grade die in great demand , according to the forecast , "Twelve Five" period , the mold steady upward trend in the total market , but requires domestic mold must be in terms of quality , delivery and other areas to meet the needs of users . Moreover , household appliances , automobiles, plastics industry the greatest demand on the mold . International market in recent years, industrial countries increased labor costs , the forward shift developing countries, especially Southeast Asian countries . Its domestic production of high precision molds , large amount of manual labor into a mold to rely on imports.

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