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Domestic hardware tools begin upgrading

Author:ZHIDAHARDWARE Comefrom:原创 Date:2013-12-17 08:10:25 Hits:0 Comment:0

In recent years, the domestic stage upgrading hardware tools began to appear , from low-end to high-end over , this is the inevitable result of social development , hardware and tools for the development of the domestic industry is also very beneficial in terms of productivity in developed countries continues to domestic migration under the trend , we can also learn better raw material configuration and more advanced production process , including foreign class production management.

ZHIDA Hardware suppose that in the next few years the domestic air tools and electrical hardware products will tend to be more intelligent and easy loading and unloading areas for development , which means the cost of production will also greatly improve , but in Europe and other developed countries, due to the the rapid development of labor and logistics costs rise and production technology , had to produce a number of high-end products also transferred from China, Southeast Asia and the developing countries, they only produce high value-added core components , such as engines, military products Moreover China is a huge market with 1.3 billion people , the market potential outbreak has begun , soon to become a major exporter of hardware tools production and consumption country , the middle-grade hand tools , gardening tools , wrenches, screwdrivers are still our main Hardware Tools exports.

From customs import and export data, hardware tools importing countries are still foremost the United States, Germany, Britain, Brazil and other European countries. Hardware tools market in Taiwan is still the island 's export-oriented , up to 13 years in Taiwan local manufacturers on there are more than 6,000 , mostly in central Taiwan , although mainly in the medium and small enterprises , but Taiwanese companies with stable quality of their products , advanced processing technology and special heat treatment process , with delivery on time , to small quantities proofing features and other services in the global market have a certain influence, is an alternative to foreign markets in Japan , Germany choice of similar products .

In recent years, there are many Taiwanese companies moved to the mainland , to better reduce labor costs and logistics costs .08 years since the financial crisis , the U.S. new home sales increased in the past two years, but the vacancy rate , a large number of unoccupied housing stock , to the housing market is a big opportunity renovated , the U.S. market began to stabilize demand for hand tools , auto repair market also increased sales of hand tools , hand tool set of high-end German aesthetics and comfort due to the design effort is also durable got the favor of the market , especially hand-held cordless tools .

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