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Allen wrench in our work has been widely used

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Now increasingly rapid pace of development of industrial , something increasingly stringent production requirements , which allows some of the tools gradually withdraw from the market , and some relatively high precision products , it is no longer needed in the production of large tool change with these requirements, a new tool - allen wrench into our work , has been increasingly applied to it . The company recently bought some new equipment , during the time of installation , but also know the role of this thing is so great .

allen wrench

Our company in order to catch the installation progress , specifically looking for a dozen people to help, so they can be there is a new problem , that is, the tool is not enough, even if we put all the tools companies have come up , not enough people use them . So who is responsible for the installation of the company made a purchase requisition , the company may want to purchase some tools , the face of this situation, the company naturally support, so let the person in charge of a list of lists when purchasing supervisor to get a list of purchases it felt very weird , and that is the only person responsible for the installation to give him a list of tools that hex wrench , which makes him feel very strange , so he took the shopping list to find the person in charge , when responsible people know after he had come , and not because of his relative asked hastily surprised , but he said our company into these devices , when installed most used tool is only one , and that is the need for such a purchase .

This makes purchasing executives feel very shocked , he did not have thought that such a small hex wrench , even during the installation process has such a big role, in order not to delay the progress of the installation , procurement executives quickly arrange for procurement personnel , when a large number of such tools purchased , installation progress has been great protection . In addition the company in order to ensure their production is not affected , but also allow the purchase of a number of purchasing another such tool , to be used as a spare . This allows us to know the truth , and that is the role of this tool is too great .

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