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export hardware tools companies meet crisis

Author:ZHIDAHARDWARE Comefrom: Date:2014-03-19 01:58:25 Hits:0 Comment:0

Recently, I visited the survey found in Guangdong and other places , many export -oriented enterprises , especially in the hardware business , but also suffered the tragedy of 2008 . Orders continue to decline , even without orders , which led to a lot of the hardware business has been in a closed state. For the economic crisis in 2008 , many business owners to hardware or memory is even worse now . But recently, due to the increase in orders , many people optimistic that the crisis has passed, but did not last long , a few months later , the order once again reduced. According to an authoritative source , the short-term , Europe is difficult to improve the economy , coupled with labor, raw material costs, is expected to export situation will deteriorate further in the coming years .

 In fact, for Chinese hardware companies, once the export is the best choice . Although the Chinese hardware companies slightly behind in terms of design and European companies , but in the technology and quality are well-matched . And because of China's low- cost source of human resources , resulting in the unit price is much lower than the U.S. and European companies . Many export enterprises , which is by price, beat foreign counterparts . But the arrival of the financial crisis, put this dream to break a lot of export , the type of hardware companies have closed down due to reduced orders .

 Many forward-looking companies , due to the layout of the advance in the country, so even if the arrival of the financial crisis, the impact on these companies is not great. And because these companies to seize the domestic market first , so when those export-orientated hardware companies want to turn back , has no share in the market .

 However, due to the central government decided to increase urbanization, so for the hardware business , it is a great opportunity. This is a big cake because the country is not a business enterprise can digest two out . Before those for export -oriented enterprises, the new layout should now , his sights country , so as to save their businesses. So when the export difficulties encountered , the first thought is how back to the domestic market. After all, the 1.4 billion population of the market , able to accommodate more businesses .

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