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Three points on the selection of hardware locks

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Even if hardware lock is not something expensive, its importance is not the same, it in terms of safety in the home, have a vital role, so choose is very careful. The hardware lock is not only safe and practical, and its sense of worth and design requirements. Therefore, key points summarize 3 points hardware lock.hardware lock

First, the implementation of the standard view of lock

The foreign lock has been a very strict standards, the quality of imported products is very high. Hands only you can feel the quality of the lock. But generally speaking, some feel more heavy lock, quality is higher, lock body there can be no dew point, because it will hurt. Also need to pay attention to the end of the lock tongue and the lock handle, a lock body four corner lock. If the lock bolt is good, it is open and flexible, with high sensitivity, the service life is long.

Second, to see what material is the lock

Because the lock materials on the market can be divided into stainless steel, copper, zinc alloy. General of the three kinds of materials, their performance is different, such as like lock stainless steel, high strength and corrosion resistance, it will not discolor, is very suitable for materials to do the lock. Copper is very common, have very good mechanical performance, price is relatively high. Zinc alloy lock and belongs to the material class.

Third, how to handle the lock surface

General surface can be roughly divided into the electroplating, spraying and shading of three, and the surface of the lock, on the surface of the product will form a dense layer of protective film, it is mainly a anti-corrosion rust proof effect, can make the lock more durable. And dense protective film is to measure the quality of the rigging of a standard, such as a good lock, electroplating, coating is smooth and delicate, is also very uniform moderate, color is bright, there will be no bubble, rust and traces of oxidation.

Above is the hardware lock in the choice of three points, I believe everyone mastered these three points, will be able to better choice of lock, the protection of home, or the use of locks, it is very good.
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