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You can not buy expensive without real hardware

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I do not know whether we encountered such a situation, when they are buying high-end home products, with regard to the high price to buy, but if the supporting hardware is not worthy of the name, is it not done being taken advantage of it? That will teach consumers to verify some of the high-end home hardware seating arrangement methods, thereby preventing your own rather than buy a real high-end home.

Look to spring is not very expensive there Spectrumhardware

As we all know: that in the spring, but the door flat glass will be used one of the core parts. On the market, such as parts of prices are hundred dollars to a thousand dollars, it is understood, the most expensive price has reached 15,000 yuan. According to the source, like a spring, it is one of the biggest feature is the individual than the conventional products should be small, and the loading capacity in this area, but it will be several times the conventional products, but now, it is so ground spring, do not have the production conditions?

Look at the high-end door wheels are not a lot of foot

As a good wheel, in fact, eight wheel, its market price is 50 yuan a, relatively poor sliding door wheels, it will only feature two rollers, this is difficult to bear gravity sliding doors , but there will not be a good counterweight.

Is there reasonable force point hinges

In the case of high-end aluminum doors, which will hinge as much as possible to reduce the damage or do not hurt the door frame, and common force point hinges mainly rely screws, door hinge can end point is a surface force, it is not hit the nail in the door frame of.

How many spheres number of issues

Some drawers are often the card will, in many cases, is the cause of the spheres. Drawer track because spheres are not all valued parts. But the official said, while three have a good track structure seven rows of spheres, that is, a set of three will each appear straight line fitted to seven rows, a total of 21 spheres.

To see if the plug is equipped with a brake

It is theft prevention latch member from the outside doors and windows are open. In high-end aluminum doors and windows, some of which bolt is to play the role of fixed 一扇 doors and windows, but also anti-theft feature.
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