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China's hardware tools industry's future development goals

Author:zhida2 Comefrom: Date:2015-09-16 10:37:09 Hits:2 Comment:0
China's current hardware and tools industry is at the core of competitiveness, mainstream companies are constantly increasing equipment investment and technological innovation, and in strict accordance with national requirements for deployment, take the road of development of low-carbon green energy, industry needs to be done in a short time quantitative to qualitative transformation and upgrading. Reporters learned in the investigation process, China's hardware industry will be toward the five goals direction.

Goal One: to cultivate its own brand awareness of enterprisesHARDWARE

Today, hardware and tools industry is steadily increasing inflation, this year's export is expected to reach ten billion US dollars credit. Therefore, China will increase tool brand development work to improve its own brand awareness, so that enterprises continue to improve their own quality, improve management, increase technology and equipment investment.

Goal Two: develop a core competence of leading enterprises

In the next five to ten years, China's hardware industry will further grow, equity will be more optimized configuration, these companies together to participate in the international competition, the enterprises in their efforts to market, high energy consumption and high pollution enterprises will be eliminated .

Goal Three: the construction of large corporate laboratories

Large companies must grasp the quality of management administration, the high level of laboratory established. Give the test with from professional testing equipment to ensure its quality management can do routine work.

Goal Four: to develop high-end market

China's hardware industry needs from the international market China good branding tool, so that China's tools can be driven into the high-end market, it is effective to increase domestic market share of high-end products.

Goal Five: Strengthening research and innovation

China's hardware tools companies need to introduce advanced management systems and technical personnel, and urge them to accelerate the development and innovation of hardware tools, qualified enterprises can to enhance research and development capabilities by creating a way of enterprise technology research and development centers, increase funding for research and development innovation, reporting patents, and strive to achieve the goal, the first to play a good team leader role for the development of Chinese hardware industry to determine the direction.
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