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Hardware and tools industry in four distinct stages of development experience

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From the last century to the present, hardware and tools industry was vigorous development. Reporters during the relevant investigation insiders learned, hardware and tools industry marketing can be divided into four distinct stages the most, is the product marketing stage, standard marketing stage, service marketing stage, brand marketing stage. Insiders said that the four stages of the development of hardware tools industry that is also mutual independence compatibility, and each pattern is produced in a particular economic model has distinctive features. What specific characteristics of these four stages is it? Now we come to specifically look at it!

First, the product marketing stage五金

This is the first model, mainly production-oriented enterprises, and did not stand up to consider the consumer's point of view the problem, followed by the production concept is what to sell anything. This marketing model is mainly produced in the early time of the planned economy and market economy.

Second, the standard marketing stage

At this stage, hardware tools companies began to participate in national standard-setting process, and the resource becomes credibility. This marketing is not a marketing model in the true sense, only a handful of companies will effectively use this marketing tactic.

Third, service marketing

This time the focus of marketing is the consumer service, which refers to products on the basis to carry out a full range of services, you can get the full trust of consumers, as consumers have to rely on. After going through this era, China is seeing a phenomenon of overcapacity, oversupply, while under the impact of large foreign companies, the industry began to consider the drawbacks of this marketing model, so into the next marketing model.

Fourth, brand marketing

This means that companies use hardware tools industry consumer brand needs to create brand value, and ultimately the formation of a brand-effectiveness, to increase consumer awareness through a variety of marketing strategies, seek differentiated brand positioning, improve marketing height, up efforts to enhance the growth point of profit.
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