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Hardware tools and the latest trends in products industry analysis

Author:zhida2 Comefrom: Date:2015-10-09 10:26:01 Hits:2 Comment:0
Data from the authority show that the total import and export of China's hardware industry has reached over seventy billion US dollars, which is under both domestic and international markets continue to open up the domestic market policies produced, played a positive role in promoting, with remarkable results, so Hardware tool industry to rebound completely, there has been explosive growth, the industry growth. So, what the latest trends in this industry is it? Now we have to analyze it!hardware

The market is moving towards the direction of diversification, China's household hardware can be divided into general classes and special classes into two categories, the general category refers hinges, hinges, slides, etc., and special categories including bathroom and kitchen accessories and other hardware . Among them, the frequency of use is relatively high metal hinges, metal hinges and locks and other hardware. In recent years, consumer demand continues to increase, the requirements for hardware accessories also gradually increased, furniture quality and grade is constantly upgrading, so the choice of hardware accessories becomes even more important.

Furniture is easy to use depends on the hardware key is easy to use, good choice of hardware accessories, furniture will be more durable. If the furniture inconvenient to use, it shows a lack of hardware or improper choice of accessories. Hardware accessories complete, and multifunctional furniture can be produced in any case complex. Reporters learned in the investigation process, and now the value of hardware accessories in furniture can account for five percent, while the degree of comfort can run 85 percent, we can see an important role in the furniture industry.

More emphasis on agency performance, rust resistance, moisture resistance and fatigue properties and other metal tools before, but with the emergence of personalized home improvement, home not only to meet the above hardware, but also need to meet the integrity and decorative. To handle, for example, now not only have a different color stainless steel salad hands, as well as black, bronze, etc., also reflects the diversification of the shape, namely Continental, but also Chinese, and conventional or profiled.
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