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Hardware tool industry into the development of the golden age of high value-added products appear

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Reporters learned in the investigation process, domestic and foreign demand for hardware and tools showing rising trend, and hardware tools industry after twenty years of development has become the industry's most heritage, especially the last two Years of development has entered a golden period. For Europe and other developed countries, the rapid development of production technology, the price of labor rises, so the hardware products on production in developing countries respectively, while developed countries the production of high value-added products. Our country is a big country metal processing exports, with strong market potential.hardware

Industry, told reporters that China's hardware tools of various types and more, in the industry has been the most widely used, significant economic benefits, but look at the technical level and other products at home and abroad have a certain gap. Therefore, vigorously develop hardware tools industry will need to pay close attention to the development of new products and new technology, so the whole party can enhance the economic efficiency, providing overall technical level. On the whole, the leading hardware and tools industry is not strong leading role, especially in the industry overall competitive advantage is not obvious, but coupled with weak technical innovation capability, in terms of market structure is somewhat simple. The main business is derived from the hardware industry trade orders, excessive dependence on export needs.

The moment, many of our businesses produced hardware tools also belong OEM production, small profile, the core competitiveness is not strong. Therefore, in order to promote the development of the hardware industry, China needs to accelerate the development of new products, continuously improve product quality, increase product variety, and constantly improve product yield. Meanwhile, the hardware industry also needs to develop a small town market.

Insiders said, the rural market is highly fragmented, thin big cultural differences, habits around the different, the environment is also different, this time on the need for these different living habits to develop new products to meet, so that it can better adapt to market development.
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