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Transforming your new hardware industry ready to adapt to it

Author:zhida2 Comefrom: Date:2015-10-29 20:36:38 Hits:0 Comment:0
Today, China has more than six thousand hardware tool manufacturer, which indicates that the development of China's hardware tools for manufacturing, but also in most of its crude profiling state, or export processing trade, as well as for the United States and Japan a lot of OEM sales. China's hardware tools industry is actively exploring new directions, which is gradually adapt to the market, participate in international competition in the past, active efforts to expand competition in space, to find a new way of development.
China's hardware tools industry needs a crude imitation of the original mode of production, continue toward the fine metal transformation, change the machining of rough, low energy level, lack of high energy consumption. Today, most companies are still using carbon steel production base, product profitability within 10 percent. For example, a wrench only a few cents profit, sales prices in the ten yuan or less. Abroad is somewhat different, and its products are mostly used in chrome vanadium alloy steel as raw materials, the price of the production of metal products in about one hundred dollars, the difference reached tenfold. Therefore, the production of high quality products is the development of an important role.

Holds many lessons for the hardware and tools industry needs to change the original old faces, and constantly develop in the direction toward the innovation, the development of space is very broad. In the United States, a hardware and tools, for example, currently it can reach more than three thousand kinds of varieties and specifications to reach tens of thousands, it is the sum of our hardware tools six times. However, do not always stare at the old products and old faces, open new development ideas.

Hardware tools need to be more variety and style above innovation, otherwise there is no way to meet the needs of the domestic and international markets. Variety and quantity of hardware tools there has been a significant increase in new product development efforts need to increase, to fill gaps in hardware and tools products.

Hardware tool industry should change the existing sales model, the development of modern distribution network, at the same time to do the extension, the product has become a platform to showcase the full range of exchanges and cooperation, while hardware tools industry also toward the direction of international development, through the class incentives to attract more foreign businessmen.
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