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Hardware industry development should take the pain points, and strive to change

Author:zhida2 Comefrom: Date:2015-12-04 11:12:18 Hits:3 Comment:0

In November 28, "2015 China furniture hardware industry chain peak BBS", present hardware industry related businesses, communication industry development experience, in order to obtain the hardware industry further development and cooperation. The personage inside course of study says, involving real estate, kitchen equipment, household hardware industry, decoration and other industries, but in today's society in its present development trend of the downhill. hardware

Household hardware industry belongs to the upstream enterprise, its household should take the initiative to adapt to market development trend of diversification and personalized needs, production of products with good quality, will supply mode innovation. The hardware industry in foreign countries under the condition of downward trend obviously, the domestic hardware industry need more efforts to do a good job in transition, household market in the world, after all, big or small, so the hardware proportion of household industry products, need to continue to increase.

The personage inside course of study says, household hardware industry need to establish a regional brand image, the development of real estate hardcover, custom home, whole decorate a new line should be produced, such as lay the foundation for traditional supporting enterprises. Emerging industry should focus on the compatibility and convenience, focus on sales system and service system and brand system, better to infiltrate into new industries.

Hardware furniture industry need to grasp the industry development of the latest information in time, in the face of new pattern, try to walk in the front of the industrial chain, believe hardware enterprise must have the ability to complete. Competent leadership should be firm, enterprise development to fully support hardware industry transformation. Hardware platform is a guest a platform to promote the development of hardware behavior, here can achieve designer and low demand of online communication, set the power of the design team solve the problem of industry, promote the innovation of the industry design, intelligent manufacturing and new market development, better show for industry application and online transactions.

Household hardware companies need to be prepared to meet challenges, make technical innovation and reserves, believe that each of the old hardware enterprises have their own research team, and hardware furniture industry to analysis we need self-discipline self-improvement, win by quality.

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