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Effort should be made to promote the integration of upstream and downstream of the hardware industry Presents a new brand image

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Many hardware industry from the initial development of small workshops to become the leading of the industry, and now, the hardware industry needs to the road of cross-border integration. So, it will play a what kind of show? Cross-border fusion to produce the spark? In shunde, for example, its hardware furniture industry market share reached twenty percent, products are sold in Europe and the United States and other developed countries. The personage inside course of study says, the key component of furniture product depends on hardware, so the hardware is the soul of the furniture industry, so the hardware industry in the future to go high-end household supporting industries development path. hardware

At the same time, the hardware and form a complete set of kitchen equipment industry and upstream and downstream relationship, ambry industry hardware utilization rate reached thirty-five percent. , along with the development of cross-border integration guidelines need to tie them in many ways, people also need to be together more, better realize the dialogue and exchanges, coordinated development, the new teams and win-win. And just at the "joint annual meeting and household hardware industry chain peak BBS" is hardware household business transformation and upgrading of the important measures. In this meeting, came from household industry chain of the elite of the country will develop its own advice and wisdom, the better the future of good business lifeline, advantageous to realize the benign and healthy development of furniture industry.

As the brand competition is increasingly fierce, the hardware industry is faced with the transformation of large reshuffle, the original foundry enterprises can no longer adapt to the new development of the industry, so the industry need to form a standardized, economy enters the new normal, so the overall decoration, such as real estate hardcover will become the emerging power of industry development, its rapid development makes the whole industry chain will also thoroughly tested, industrial structure will push forward under the impact of the strong.

With the emergence of new policies of the developed, a need for a new round of industrial structure adjustment and transformation, household hardware industry needs unity party can resist the market risk, need to collect all aspects of the resources advantages to collaborative innovation, to meet market challenges.

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