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Hardware industry also entered the Internet + model

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With the popularity of the Internet and developed now, are thought to participate in every industry, even the traditional hardware tools industry is no exception. As jin fu tong system platform, hardware tools of enterprise financial management, for the first deal this also symbolizes the strive to build a hardware Internet + model in the field of hardware tools had already started work. hardware

Reporters at the launch of jin fu tong system platform, the main purpose of the system platform is for hardware machine tool enterprises now industry exclusive supply chain financing services. "We are the establishment of the system platform, its main purpose is to have financial needs investment user and hardware tools of the enterprise have the funds demand link up mutually, both to platform within the limited funds to flow, match, more important is can meet the demand of both sides of the respective: finance get dividends, interests, enterprises have enough money for turnover, and create more profits. For this new business model, some worry that the platform operation safety and technical, in fact IT is not necessary to have this kind of worry, we this platform in order to guarantee its strong operation, has brought together finance, electrical and mechanical, law, IT and other fields of talented persons, by the participation of these professionals and assistance, financial and technical support are fully guaranteed." Jin fu tong hardware industry officials said.

For this kind of a win-win platform, and what are the characteristics and attributes that are involved in the financial management and hardware tools businesses safely?

First, the platform risk small, can handling is larger. Due to the hardware tools involved in the downstream enterprises correlation is larger, notes between businesses, orders have the transparency, enterprise of every monthly operating and transactions can understand, it greatly reduces the risk that the investment adviser.

Second, resource is numerous, for investors to choose the project. Currently involved in the hardware tools of the Internet financial firms have thousands and hundreds, and they run different hardware tools and programs, and formed a complete supply chain, many choose to invest members.

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