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Portable screwdriver into new hardware tools

Author:zhida2 Comefrom: Date:2016-04-19 15:39:16 Hits:1 Comment:0
In people's daily life, the use of hardware tools is very frequent. For example, disconnect the computer hardware to check the problem, open the case need to use a screwdriver, for family electric circuit wire rectification and cutting with pliers and measure spatial position acquisition of furniture from kaimi ruler and so on. In the hardware tools, the most commonly used was undoubtedly a screwdriver, is often said that the screwdriver.hardware

However, people often use the screwdriver while it is convenient to use, but because of its long handle, inconvenient to carry and in some special cases, is not easy to screw mounting dismounting. In order to solve this kind of problem, hardware tools factory designers to increase research and development efforts, specially designed mini type multifunctional portable screwdriver to facilitate the people to carry, the product also quickly became a favorite.

The successful development of mini type multifunctional screwdriver, let people bid farewell to the inconvenience of carrying, a less than size of the phone box was equipped with a dozen different types of screwdriver head, the knife head is the familiar cross, word for word, six angle also on the market without a common irregular cutter head, the knife head models, can meet people on different occasions, the use of, it is because of the dexterity of a small box, put it in the pocket or the pocket will not let people feel any pressure and discomfort.

Carry convenient at the same time, a further advantage of the multifunctional screwdriver is convenient to use. According to the design of the hardware and tools, in the corner of the small box office to design a small hole, the hole size and screwdriver knife head top size is consistent, in people according to the different demand out of a screwdriver head, only need to will be suitable for the size of the cutter head into the hole in the fixed can use.

Some people worry that bloom screwdriver boxes are not strong enough, in fact there is no need to worry about this. The cover of the box is is made of engineering plastics, and after the strengthening process, wear-resisting, anti fall using long life, but also a variety of colors in the color, it can choose according to consumer preferences.

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