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The 27 session of the national electric tool supporting conference and the opening of the hardware tool Expo

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In each of the major cities will be held various exhibitions, as in May 10, 2016 in Wuyi held the hardware tool exhibition, the meeting will be in Wuyi exhibition center to hold, mainly 2 days time. The main display to attract global tool show that UAV performances and robot demonstration. The robot demonstration activities is in Wuyi is held for the first time.hardware

Speaking of tools show, mainly in the center of the exhibition display is dynamoelectric tool industry of new products and technology, the staff will be to you to do on-site operation, some excellent enterprises to participate in. The UAV performance, the general public can enjoy Wuyi when the enterprise to the company the production of different types of drones, they bring a wonderful show., such as aerial photography, automatic water and so on can show in front of everyone.

Can be directly in the exhibition center experience to the contents of the UAV aerial shot to. Also, some containing a strong scientific and technological strength, robot used in production, and bring high efficiency and convenience. This can allow citizens to experience in person to the. This is the Wu Yilai held hardware tool exhibition and electric tools supporting conference. Besides in Wuyi city. There are also some hardware companies have the strength to.

It is understood, the tool show, no human performance and robot performances began on the morning of 10 may 2016 eight thirty, light unmanned aerial vehicle performances have half a day, and tools show with the robot's performance is 2 days. If want to understand and experience the high-tech brings different effect, it can be in this two days to the exhibition center to watch the performance and experience the era of science and technology revolution, the high-tech things brought about by the different feelings.

Although the hardware tool exhibition held, both to attract many exhibitors, but also to attract many people to attend. At the same time, the local science and technology development and economic development, are also very favorable. Even exposition has not yet started, already felt live the kind of atmosphere.

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