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How to Home Furnishing hardware maintenance, master the most important maintenance tips

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Hardware exists in every corner of our home life, but it is often neglected by people. For example, home of the door handle, bath with shower and kitchen faucet belong to metal material goods.HARDWARE So, these seem insignificant hardware accessories should how to spend the time to take care of what?? how to use the correct method for the routine maintenance and the maintenance of it? How to properly extend the useful life of the hardware products?? how her family to create a warm and comfortable and healthy home environment?? now we have to learn about the maintenance of hardware products to the secret!

Hardware lock is very common in daily life of small hardware accessories, in daily life, we often with various types of locks to deal with, its is a crucial role in safeguarding security. After the lock is installed, if lax management, then there is no need to lock any maintenance. If the zinc alloy and copper lock used for a long time, then president of spots, in fact, this is not rusty, but the ordinary oxidation phenomenon, this time can be in the surface with a wax spray clean about to speckle effect.

If the hardware lock used for a long time, key to use will not smooth, this time can be smeared into some graphite powder or pencil powder, hold the key to the normal use. The lock body rotating parts must be a lubricant, which can ensure the smooth rotation, recommended every six months to check a fastening screw loosening, ensure the tightness. Hardware lock is not a long time exposure in the rain, and the inside of the small spring will because of rust and become inflexible, after all, rain in some nitric acid or nitrate will corrosion to the lock.

Bathroom hardware maintenance is also very important, should notice to maintain the patency of the indoor air, when necessary, can be wet and dry separation. So don't wet items hanging on the hanging hardware, or paint on the corrosive effect of the rack. If you want to hardware accessories to conduct a thorough clean-up, that can use wax, decontamination ability stronger can prolong the service life of the hardware products.

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