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At present, the domestic and foreign hardware tool market situation

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In the world or domestic, hardware industry belongs to a traditional feature obviously industry. At present, the domestic hardware market mainly distributed in Shanghai, Shandong and other coastal area, which in the case of a Zhejiang Province and Guangdong Province is the most representative. For example, the Guangdong is the center of a world mold production, in the Pearl River Delta also gathered more than 7000 mold enterprises and practitioners to more than 20 million.

In addition in Shenzhen and held a number of Southern China International Mold Exhibition, which attracted many countries and regions to participate, but also one of the most professional and international level of mold development.

In 1996 started to now, China has established a zipper, electric shaving devices, such as iron multiple technology R & D center, they still present many developed into the industry leader, even squeezed into the ranks of the world. At the same time, to enter the international market, we also get a good economic benefit and development.

China has gradually become a big country of world hardware production, has a very broad consumer, even in 1995, the financial crisis on China's hardware products export has great influence, from 1999 has improved. The benefit of export are in rising, with an average annual growth rate also have been upgraded, has been steady growth in 2002, China's hardware industry total output value reached 189.5 billion yuan, an increase of 19.15%.

The industry of our country hardware, at least 70% are private enterprises, which even develop into the main force in the process of development of China's hardware industry. Another aspect is concerned, in the international metal market, developed countries in Europe and the United States because the rapid development of production technology, and labor force price rise, the universality of products transferred to the developing countries to production, mainly the production of some high added value products. In China, there is also a great market potential, therefore, to develop export processing hardware power is very favorable.

Through the analysis of China's hardware tools market, we can understand: China's hardware tools market in the continuous development, and gradually go out of the country, to the world, in order to meet the needs of everyone

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