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China's ship hardware tools have a huge market prospects

Author:zhida2 Comefrom: Date:2016-06-15 20:21:03 Hits:1 Comment:0
It is understood, in fact, the effective cooperation of the shipbuilding industry and hardware industry, both good tradition, also makes the ship industry, broad market, to bring great business opportunities to the hardware industry. Specific analysis of the huge market potential of our ship hardware tools.HARDWARE

Even if China is one of the largest shipbuilding country in the world, such as in developed countries and compared and ship matching localization rate not to 50%. At present, developed countries marine equipment localization rate is in more than 90%. But targets for the development of our country for in 2015 local production of ship equipment loading rate reaches above 80%. Therefore, our country or great prospects for development.

Generally speaking, the cost of ship equipment occupy 30% of the total price of the ship to 40%, at present, the total output value of China's annual spread is very large, as in 2009, the total output value of more than the size of the domestic production of ship is in 5484 million yuan, according to ship supporting equipment costs in 35% of the total price of the ship to calculate, the ship matching value will be in 1919.5 billion yuan of the. Actually, it did not meet the requirements.

Therefore, China's shipbuilding industry still has a huge space for development, how to build a bridge between the hardware brand alliance enterprises and the ship industry, which is the goal of the hardware brand alliance.

As you to the understanding of the industry, it is very clear, the matching tool of the industry is very much, can't you introduce to use for a period of two publications or products, all can be displayed. The currently selected tool, generally choose the is series of products, there are many products. In the future, it is an age of information, electronic business platform is a trading enterprise is an important tool, this organizational opportunities, can play a tremendous role, industry organizations rely on set their own resources, to create a large database to the products.

Especially the combination of the ship industry and hardware tool industry, and its own advantages, more popular with many people. Also can promote the rapid development of the shipbuilding industry, this industry has brought great potential for our country.

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