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Hardware tool industry out of the rough imitation to the boutique

Author:zhida2 Comefrom: Date:2016-07-27 18:18:32 Hits:0 Comment:0
China currently has more than 6000 hardware tools production enterprises, and it is not a great power, but its development is still dominated by coarse imitation type, need to take the business of the main road, there is some is toward the United States, Japan foundry. China's hardware tools industry need to establish new development goals, conform to the development needs of the market, participate in international cooperation, but also need to broaden the cooperation space. Insiders said that China's hardware tools industry needs to change direction of the industry can be based on the market, the change should be how to understand it?HARDWARE

First, China's hardware tools industry need to change the existing coarse imitation type production mode, toward the quality hardware products change. The low level of China's hardware tools product processing and coarse, high energy consuming and used in the production of matrix for carbon steel, so sell price will be relatively low. And different foreign product of hardware tools, its raw material is barium chromium alloy steel, higher than the price ten times, so our country need higher hardware and tools development.

Secondly, the hardware tools industry need to increase product variety, don't always staring at old products, to change the appearance of dough. If the hardware tools industry not from species to make a breakthrough, it is impossible to smooth the development needs of the international and domestic market. Many kinds of hardware tools products, large quantity, need to make up for the disadvantages, so the industry can more energetic, to ensure every year there will be new hardware tools products every year new growth. Only in this way can I see new business opportunities.

Finally, the price of China's hardware tools industry also toward internationalization, preferential policies more, it is enough to attract more overseas businessmen. Today the industry is moving towards a tangible market extension and in the formation of e-commerce, the establishment of online market. With market distribution and market extension, hardware tool of our country will see new development opportunity. At the same time, China's hardware tools industry need to walk out of predicament to go it alone, to go the way of joint development. Only in this way can better cope with the international competition.

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