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How to choose the cutter body in the process of hardware processing

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People in the process of milling cutter, they sometimes choose the cutter body and not a good finish milling process, don't know if it is the problem of milling cutters, or other reasons. According to this confusion, some hardware tools sales staff said, generally, the operator of the milling cutter application technology almost can not very good finish milling process for the selection of milling cutter products caused by improper. Then, in the process, cutter body should how to choose it?

First, according to the different choice of milling processHARDWARE

Because different process needs to process material or other processing requirements, requirements of each of the cutter diameter and number of teeth is different, need to take into account the cutter tooth number. However, even with a size of the cutter tooth number are not the same, for example, the diameter is 100 mm of the milling cutter, roughing milling cutter is often 6 teeth, and dense cutter is 8 teeth, the specific use of which still need according to the milling process in cutting cutter tooth number to determine how much.

Second, according to the requirements of the processing technology to choose

To clear the requirements of the processing technology, and choose different cutter body according to the requirements, for example, milling process belongs to rough machining should choose coarse cutter, because it let crumbs slot big enough, not so as to avoid volume difficult chip removal or knife body and parts processing friction condition, if processing apartment belongs to precision processing technology should choose dense gear milling cutter, dense cutter tooth cutting depth is shallow, small load, the feed rate is bigger, the flute is not great.

Third, according to the load size of the cutting process to choose

In the milling process, when the cutting force in the cutting process is large will let machine vibration, when the vibration force is too large or frequent tend to damage the cutter. At this time in the milling process should use mechanical Raiders rough gear milling cutter with reduced, rather than dense gear milling cutter.

About how to choose the introduction of milling cutter body, we first understand so much, you want to know more about the knowledge of hardware tools to log on to the manufacturers, where you will have a lot of knowledge.

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