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How to select and configure a milling cutter blade

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Many in the milling process of the operator said, they have just come into contact with the milling will always be different sizes, shape, thickness of the milling cutter blade make headache, do not know under what circumstances use what kind of knife or blade, resulting in the milling processing requirements can not be completed in the practical application, also seriously damaged expensive cutter. So, in the practical application for the choice of the cutter blade should adopt what kind of principle and method?

First, the requirements of positioning accuracy in millingHARDWARE

When the milling process for high positioning accuracy of the workpiece, need to strict size requirements, it is best to use tooth cutter body, the blade is the best grinding blade. Because the blade can be very good to complete the machining accuracy and surface roughness of the process to go. At the same time, with the development of modern metal processing industry the progress of grinding blade can realize grinding groove volume, small feed, small depth of cut on the cutting function, at the same time be shortened its life. When the milling process requirements for the dimensions of the strict requirements, the use of pressing blade to choice. Although the size accuracy and sharpness than the grinding blade, but the edge strength is good, the amount of feed and cutting depth also can well alleviate the impact force of the machine.

Second, taking into account the cost of the actual production

Can guarantee milling process quality at the same time, how to reduce the production cost is a problem that should be considered in the enterprise management. High grinding blade precision, accurate positioning but the cost is not low, in the actual production no special requirements in the proposal is used to suppress the blade, in addition to suppress the blade on the knife body tip height difference big, can meet the most of the milling demand, low prices can reduce the production cost and is widely used.

In addition, in the actual production, can also according to the needs of processing technology for different blade were used in combination to meet in turning, grooving and cutting process needs drill, for example will suppress the blade is arranged on the cutter seat and re allocation of scalping blade, in order to improve the surface of the workpiece processing efficiency.

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