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Domestic hardware tool industry continues to improve R & D capabilities

Author:zhida2 Comefrom: Date:2016-09-06 15:57:26 Hits:1 Comment:0
Is a combination of hardware tools, all kinds of metal components are iron, steel or aluminum and other metals after forging process and physical form. According to the different purposes that can be divided into hardware tools, construction hardware, hardware etc. categories. Back in 2013 the hardware market, some very developed production technology in the rapid development, and the production cost is also high, this time it wanted to be the universal product transfer to developing countries such as China, high value added products in domestic market.HARDWARE

The development potential of Chinese in the hardware industry market is still very large, so more hopes to become a major exporter of metal processing industry, and hardware market is mainly distributed in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places, but the most prominent is the Zhejiang and Guangzhou. At present, five gold in China has been widely used in all walks of life. But the economic benefit is remarkable, but the technical level is not high enough, the gap with foreign countries is relatively large, it is necessary to the development of hardware industry, and pay special attention to the development of new technology and new products, promote the development of hardware tools industry, improve economic efficiency, improve the overall level of economy and technology.

At present, China's hardware industry leading role has yet to be developed, especially the development of backbone enterprises should be better, increase research and development efforts, the efforts of innovation in order to adapt to the new development of the market. In addition, China should change the market structure of a single change, technological innovation ability weak situation, strengthen brand building. Most of China's hardware tools enterprises are OEM production, in popularity and core competitiveness remains to be further enhanced.

Insiders said that China's hardware industry to make the investment, efforts to develop new products, new technology and new technology, the promotion of new research means, broaden the application fields, improve the overall technical level of the hardware industry, the variety and quality of survival and better development, to achieve better through the progress of Science and technology.

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