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China hardware tools industry needs to seek the differentiation of brand positioning

Author:zhida2 Comefrom: Date:2016-09-16 11:12:34 Hits:0 Comment:0
In the context of social and economic development, now China's hardware industry also belong to the world powers, and has become the world hardware industry processing and export country, market and consumption potential are great. Especially in the "12th Five-Year" period, China's hardware industry to develop new products, a large number of energy saving and intelligent hardware such as electric tools in the cabinet industry has Home Furnishing new trend.HARDWARE 

China is the world's producers and hardware tools, hardware tools industry enterprises at least 70% private enterprises, they are Chinese hardware industry growth. The main force of China's hardware industry status quo is hardware products brand, variety, quality and excellent price, right, dealers have good promise. In the domestic market gradually build. Insiders said that the hardware industry belongs to labor intensive, while Yongkang is known as the hometown of hardware, here is the gathering place of hardware tools, composed of hardware products, electric tools and machinery and equipment trading area, also has daily hardware, hardware tools and other mechanical and electrical products. Let this area achieve both social benefit and economic benefit.

Insiders predict that China's hardware tools enterprises need to have a big move, but the difference may delay the industry upgrading, need to meet the characteristics of the market economy. China hardware market model of cooperation opportunities are equal, but also open and frank. Although at present our country nearly six thousand hardware the tool of production enterprises, but still not strong, the production is still based on a coarse imitation type, while the United States, countries like Japan generally choose a foundry.

China's hardware industry needs to face market competition, to participate in international cooperation, aimed at the world of our ancestors, to adjust the hardware industry industrial layout, expand cooperation and development space, so this can promote the growth of the industry. The hardware industry need to increase research and development efforts, develop new ideas, strengthen the new challenges and go out the same China hardware industry.

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