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Hardware tool industry in the future can not be separated from the service type transformation and upgrading

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Hardware tools industry in China has over 100 million yuan output value, many enterprises have become an important exporter of hardware products at home and abroad, there are a large number of enterprises are ready to market. Today, China's hardware industry has formed industrial clusters, obvious effect to the regional block, and the number of clusters in increased. The overall specifications are in the industry sustained and stable growth process. The hardware industry cluster is the direction towards a healthy development, the steady development of this industry has laid a good foundation.


From the current market in Europe and the United States, the traditional hardware tools manufacturing industry is constantly declining, while the domestic hardware industry is toward specialization, cluster and gentrification direction. During 13th Five-Year, I believe there will be more backbone enterprises to start the work, using more advanced forging equipment the CNC machine tool equipment to change the traditional industry, efforts to improve labor productivity, improve the product grade and quality, enhance the value-added. Insiders said that China's hardware industry need to high standards, high quality and high efficiency in the direction of development, but also to strengthen domestic and international exchanges, to further promote the construction industry. Enhance the global tool industry chain in the right to speak.

As China's comprehensive national strength, high-end manufacturing industry in our country has gained worldwide recognition, and has won international recognition. In the application and the rise of industry output of China's manufacturing industry to enhance the high-end products, also cannot do without an industrial base, so the hardware products need to do the best emerging market channels to pave the way.

From the domestic point of view, the field of manufacturing in China is constantly improving, enterprises are worried about the sales of small and slow payment situation has been improved constantly, at the same time, domestic enterprises have also established the system, together with dealers to develop domestic and international market. Domestic market stability can make enterprises better against the risk of overseas markets brings more opportunities for the development of enterprises.

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