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What are the common categories of hardware tools

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Hardware tools can be seen everywhere in the market, we have a lot of places need to use hardware tools to help in life. However, even if there are hardware tools used for experience, professional knowledge of hardware tools, we still do not understand. Some little knowledge of this article for you about the science of hardware tools. I hope to help you better understand the hardware tools, can play the biggest advantage of hardware tools.09Q58PIC2NJ_1024.jpg

On the definition of hardware tools

Hardware refers to steel, iron and aluminum metal elements or more for raw materials, through the cutting process, the forging process, metal parts manufacturing or physical calendering process a series of production process. These metal parts can be divided according to its main use for specific, currently has the following types several kinds of hardware tools. Namely: tool hardware, hardware materials building, daily hardware and tools, the kitchen and furniture hardware tools, hardware tools and other hardware parts.

Specific classification of hardware tools

In life, we often use hardware tools. But it belongs to what kind of tools is somewhat puzzled. If you want to use a tool, manual tool in hardware tools: tool cart, tool kit, manual wrench backpack. They have a lot of classification, adjustable wrench, spanner wrench both, and, the plum and ratchet wrench. A kind of suit insulation tool is also hardware tools, there are some set of tools, pipe clamp, wire, metal pipe cutter and hydraulic bending machine and other equipment. The main electric tools, drill hole and circular saw blade grinding machine with the slice. Measuring and cutting tools are mainly Meihua drill, center drill, die and slot cutter and other tools.

Life, hardware tools, although often seen, but also the most easily overlooked things. So more attention to detail, but also can learn a lot of knowledge.

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