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What are the common types of wrench

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The wrench is a common hardware tool, mainly used for installation and disassembly work. This is a very convenient tool, not only saves energy but also save people manual work time. Since many people still can not fully understand the knowledge of wrench hardware tools, this article is to introduce a some of its knowledge.u=3584529267,2688756917&fm=21&gp=0.jpg

What is a wrench

Wrench, common tools in life, mainly used as related to the work of installation and disassembly. This tool is the use of the lever principle to turn screw bolts, screws, or similar with the sleeve hole to fix the wrench parts. The main production of raw materials is carbon steel or alloy steel. By using the principle of wrench, a wrench handle end clip shank to exert a certain strength, which is the opening of the bolt or nut can be twisted. When using a wrench, a little note is to rotate along the direction of the screw thread, can not deviate from the track, in addition to the need to apply in the handle of the wrench, the only way to be a bolt or nut to twist.

Type of wrench

1, wrench, spanner of this type in the end or ends with a fixed size has been opening. It can turn the corresponding size. In a nut is Plum wrenches, it can work in the narrow space, the reason is that the wrench is with six or twelve angle hole angle hole in the end.

2, dual wrench, is a special wrench, there are two, one with a wrench, and the other is a plum wrench.

3, adjustable wrench, the wrench is relatively flexible, can be adjusted within a certain size range, can be used to screw the nut with different specifications.

4 months, spanners, its task is more special, is used to turn the thickness has a flat nut limit.

5, socket wrench, sleeve. This referred to as tools with multiple attachments, there are mainly six angle hole or twelve angle hole, and the handle and the connecting rod of the auxiliary function. Although the sleeve in appearance is not much difference, but it is the corresponding equipment. Because of the state for the tool is not clear provisions, so we can design more flexible, can meet the requirements of the general public.

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