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common types of hardware tools pliers

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You must use the pliers hardware tools in life to carry out the production activities, but most people just make simple use of the hardware tools, but do not know more information about it, interested friends can follow this article with more knowledge about the pliers.201304191426204922.jpg

This is a hardware tool pliers carbon steel production, production process mainly is the first element of the forging and rolling, let it become the embryo. The second step is to clamp shape after including milling, polishing process, a series of metal cutting, the last step is to link its heat treatment.

The pliers handle has a different classification, mainly divided into straight shank, bent handle and bow handle these three different styles. Because the pliers when in use, for many cases with electric conductor wires must contact, so the designers set up in the handle pliers set with PVC insulation the protective tube material, which is designed to ensure the safety of the operator in the process of using the guarantee. Because of the different operating environment need different shape of the workpiece, so that the clamp mouth has also appeared in many styles, mainly with sharp, flat mouth, flat mouth, round mouth type and bending nozzle type.

Pliers type

1, wire clamp, a pliers, is mainly used to clamp and shear. It mainly consists of two parts, a clamp head and a clamp clamp head and cake. Includes many parts: jaw, teeth, and blade and so on. It has its own role in these parts, teeth can be used to tighten or loosen the nut. The blade can be used to cut the wire wrapped rubber. It is used to cut and shear wire, wire and other metal materials of relatively hard material.

2, pipe clamp, and a named pipe wrench, the main function of it is to fasten and disassemble some tubular products, or some pipeline accessories. It is a commonly used tool, the main material is Aluminum Alloy. Its quality is more lightweight, flexible use, not easy to rust and other popular features the user's favorite.

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