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Classification of wrench tools and its role in the industry

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If the hardware tools may be a lot of people first think of is a wrench, because in the process of using the wrench tool does not restrict the industries and fields, and all is related to the hardware industry if use is required wrench tool, may have different industry or different field staff for wrench understanding is not very comprehensive, we first look at the popularity of the following types of wrench tools.01000000000000119081413823390.jpg

The wrench tools involved in the industry because there is not the same, so the practical environment is not the same, but in the actual industrial production tool is divided into manual and electric wrench wrench two categories, fundamental changes have taken place in this subject is to operate, but whether it is in the form of operation the same, but the wrench determines the type of his use of the occasion, we will explain.

If the detailed division of the case, the general wrench tool is divided into eight categories, because the different types of nuts or bolts, wrench is divided into the size of the points:

1, stay wrench

The most common is to stay wrench, his size is fixed, according to different sizes and models to use, with a fixed size, mainly for the nuts and bolts for tightening and loosening.

2, the plum blossom wrench

Just like his name, both ends are not the same, usually six or twelve angle wrench angle hole hole, mainly is relatively lightweight, in general people to go into the place where the relatively small space to use more convenient.

3, crescent

There is a combination of the above two kinds of wrench form, is to stay together and wrench in a joint wrench, spanner wrench together, is a crescent shaped the rare here, because of the use of the situation is more special, so in our daily life is very rare, for flat nut thickness do not like to use.

4, socket wrench

The formation of wrench tool in the is the socket wrench, his structure is relatively complex, generally is a wrench size and dimension design, is composed of a handle and connected with straw, this wrench occasions that some of the more difficult it is difficult to remove the nuts and bolts. Can see from his structure is suitable for the concave groove in general.

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