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Why machine tool is called cutting tool

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In fact, many people think of cutting tools is the machine, but why the machine is called cutting tool? In fact, cutting tools simply for cutter is used for cutting metal materials, metal cutting tools, so generally called metal cutting tools, tool when used with electric, of course there is also a manual but at present, the tool in machinery industry in the most frequently used or mechanical operation.201182913243794.jpg

The cutting tool is the tool, but the tool is also divided into many types, such as general machine tools and CNC machine tools used above are drill, milling, boring, hole processing tool is a cutting tool, but apply many occasions decision making tool materials, the general is based on chemical and the physical properties of metal to be divided, the most common is alloy steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, mainly used when the use of such tools is the reproduction of automobile motor vehicle.

In various parts of the machinery industry such as the engine, diesel engine, compressor tool manufacturers are using such materials should be made, and has certain rigidity and hardness, the most important is in the high-end CNC machine tools and high precision machine tool is used above.

In fact, the development tool is long-standing, and is a key step of the Chinese gradually to civilization, but before the tool material is very simple, and the use of synthetic materials are not, some weakness in the performance of the above, the earliest Chinese tool are used finally, the development of copper products, or some industrial development of science and technology, the introduction of steam represents the tool has gradually advanced, there is now the cutter. After continuous development tool adopted is the production of alloy steel, which is on the quality and size precision of the tool has been greatly improved.

If used to make cutting tool is actually the most important is the performance of the superiority, but in such a foundation above the tool should also meet the chemical properties.

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