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Hardware tools industry in the future should be service-oriented manufacturing

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Today, the survey was: Europe and the United States manufacturing power traditional hardware tools, and now also gradually decline, but China's hardware industry, but toward specialization, cluster, a high level of direction to the development of it to China hardware industry, it is an upgrade a transformation is very important.u=1371136335,3354882745&fm=23&gp=0.jpg

The Chinese hardware development so quickly, but also in this direction to develop, it has some chanshe high, as China's comprehensive strength has been strengthened, and high-end manufacturing, such as high iron manufacturing had to gain global recognition, even industrial grade hardware products have already gained international. Recognition can also be good to open the international market.

While China's manufacturing industry to rise, not only need to have high-end products to application and output, not the industrial base product manufacturing level also increased. In addition, also promoting the development path of Belt and Road Initiative, to hardware products to new markets, can make the channel set.

The domestic hardware tools, with the field of manufacturing in China the most professional, the increased demand, sales channels are constantly improving, the past enterprise some concerns, such as small volume, slow payment phenomenon also can be changed. At this time, the enterprise can be self built sales system, and also very strong comprehensive strength of dealers to cooperate together to carry out its market. There is a very strong domestic market, to the enterprise to effectively resist foreign market risk is helpful, even to the development of enterprises has attracted many opportunities.

Coupled with the hardware and manufacturing to service transformation and upgrading, will become a future development direction of manufacturing industry. The development of this kind of thing for the manufacturing industry, bring some support to the most fundamental, this kind of product like industrial service, in the hardware industry segments, is also a a typical development.

At present, the industry backbone enterprises, not only to provide customer service service so simple, such as service forward, and the joint development of the whole process of coverage, an upgrade is to complete the production type to service.

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