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The shortcomings of China's hardware tools industry to recoginze

Author:screwdriver bits Comefrom: Date:2017-01-07 16:05:02 Hits:0 Comment:0

According to the survey: on the hardware supply in the international market, the developed countries of Europe and the United States are on the rise in the production technology and the price of labor, public products to the developing countries to production, domestic production of high value-added hardware tools. China is a very strong market potential hardware tools production enterprises, more is the export country. At this time, we need to recognize the hardware tools industry in China will be what deficiencies.u=1114015912,3956020655&fm=21&gp=0.jpg

A: in the hardware industry, leading to the use of measures is not very strong. And the hardware tools industry to develop tools leading backbone enterprises in foreign market skills, industry competitiveness and so on, are not very clear, there is a technical innovation is weak.

Two: the market structure is too single, and the business of China's hardware tools are very important from the foreign trade orders, as well as a very high survival rate. The export has been under the international financial crisis triggered by the economic crisis, these enterprises are constantly shrinking export markets, are carried out a very serious threat to life.

Three: the brand is very backward, the hardware industry, most companies are relying on OEM to consumption, the lack of visibility and core competitiveness. In the public service platform, which is lacking. Even if there are hardware tools industry associations, industry self-regulation is put in certain difficulty, industry association need to play the role of the center of gravity, which is more difficult. At the same time, the development of the hardware industry in China will become very bad, believe that for China's hardware industry, it is need to understand very clearly.

This is some of the deficiencies of China's hardware industry, if there is no good to deal with this problem, the consequences are very serious. The development of the hardware industry in our country is very bad, especially want to enter into some hardware tools brand in the international market, the lack of the need for a better solution

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