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hardware tools industry in future will face several major changes

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Because of continuous exploration tool of our country hardware industry, making the future hardware tools has become a new growth, but the growth and international status and hardware tools for comparison, the industry will face the market, participate in international cooperation, in order to mediate product layout, expand the cooperation space. Therefore, China the hardware industry will face what changes?09Q58PIC2NJ_1024.jpg

A: the need to change the current extensive mode of production, make the hardware tools toward the fine transformation. According to the survey, the product hardware tools industry in China most of the processing is very coarse, low energy, high energy consumption, many enterprises will use carbon steel as hardware tools production products profit is very matrix. Low, a pliers, wrench the profit of only a few a few cents, foreign hardware tool is used in chromium vanadium alloy steel, its price is relatively high, the difference is very big.

Two: towards the implementation of brand strategy to change. The enterprise develop the construction of brand planning, also increase the technology reconstruction and technology investment, improve the quality of products, in essence, to college, grand development, also as a target, in order to attract the attention of the market, will eventually be able to among the world's brand.

Three: hardware tools industry enterprises of our country are initially alone, most need to do is go with the brand competition. China's industrial development, hardware tools are needed to keep pace with the development of our country, different industries have different needs.

Four: of course you can change the independent innovation of China's hardware industry has a lot of room to grow. In the past, China's hardware tools mostly OEM, simply do not have to own brand, how can this be to change our hardware situation!

At present, China's hardware industry is facing the above changes, if want to let our hardware tools have very good development, so the change of China's hardware tools enterprises, is indeed a need to do good change.

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