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What is the status quo of China's hardware industry?

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In recent years, the development of China's hardware market is quite good, the hardware industry become consumption, improve economic growth, a very important field. At present, our country industry mainly dominated by low-end products, high-end and key parts in China have not yet achieved domestically.made-in-china.jpg

I believe that many people are very clear in the past, China's hardware products are always imitate foreign hardware products, there is no one to belong to own brand. Therefore, many foreign brands to enter the market Chinese, there will certainly be a very broad market prospects, the development is very rapid, the number of products and production scale have improved and leap forward development, sales and exports are also increasing.

A market of our country is so big, but to attract many foreign brands in China for the first time, Hangzhou taking many multinational enterprises in the hardware. But China's hardware industry to play the traditional industries with the foundation of advantage, but also to promote the upgrading of industrial structure, in the high-end products, is the need to market to improve the competitiveness. As soon as possible to achieve labor intensive toward technology intensive to change, it will only accelerate the Chinese hardware product and to shorten the distance between the foreign brands.

Originally produced by the traditional industries of our products, this is an essential part of our daily lives, new industries are generally relying on traditional industries and developed

The times are changing, so the traditional industry to get a very good development, it needs to develop, will be a good development, industrial transformation, and to seek new development. In this world, there is no backward industries, only the backward mode of production. This industry also need to strengthen the hardware the sense of innovation, such as research and development team, development technology, are required to set up and development.

It can be seen that the development of China's hardware industry is a lot of companies want to see, and the development of China's hardware industry to understand the current situation, to be able to understand this problem

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