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The correct installation and used of hardware to ensure no hidden dangers

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In hardware products, this kind of product is very much, and at the same time, hardware, hardware, hardware components are each playing their own role. All of this is clear, the installation and use of this hardware products, are to be handled, in order to ensure that after the installation is complete, will not leave what risks, hardware sanitary ware installation includes several aspects.

1, the installation of toiletu=44521205,3609458150&fm=23&gp=0.jpg

In the hardware, which belongs to the hardware. At the time of installation, is the need to check the sewage pipe, cross the center line to determine the toilet at the bottom of the installation position, then need to use a drill to make good installation hole, need to pre buried expansion screws. In the sewage toilet on the mouth, also need to install a special sealing ring, can eventually put the toilet with the installation, debugging and better water tank fittings.

2, the installation of the basin

First need to measure the height of the basin, and the marker to do, use percussion drill to do mark, easy to punch, also need to install the expansion tube. Then we need to put the washbasin and hook fastener, water inlet and drainage pipes, columns and fixed parts need to connect, eventually need to in the basin the upper wall and column, the foot and the ground contact surface, need to make mold silica gel to seal.

Of course, this kind of hardware products is very large, there are hardware relatively large, there are some relatively small hardware, hardware contains what screw, each small hardware plays a very important role. But before the installation, but also the need for the hardware and equipment products have a certain understanding, so at the time of installation, can know the hardware in the end can play a good role.

Not only need to understand the specific role of hardware, but also need the right to install, so the specific use, to ensure that there will be at least. What hidden security, can be assured. The user before using, natural need to understand very clearly.

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