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Whether the quality of our hardware is reliable or not?

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In fact, hardware products have been applied to many products, or very important parts, most of the time, although some obscure, can determine the quality of furniture products. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of hardware products, natural need to regulate the comprehensive hardware production standards. Some people want to know: our hardware quality is reliable the team? Standard.u=2385648303,1318452296&fm=23&gp=0.jpg

No rules how can Cheng Fangyuan? The enterprise, make reasonable annotation, but also directly determines the development direction and power. The two standards of the release of the person in charge, China Hardware Association said: China hinge, guide to Guangdong, and the world will hinge, guide look at the Chinese. Globally speaking, some advanced group standard, in terms of the industry, is indeed a very important significance.

The group standard setting up is very simple, but to promote it, it is not so easy. It is still a big problem in the standard group, so that the standard centered around the intersection of two industries.

It is reported that the enterprise, the group standard formulation and implementation, to the quality of products and improve the standard will have a certain role in promoting, even the development direction of the enterprise's technological innovation point, of the enterprise long-term, healthy development will become very good. Besides, the details determine success or failure. This promotion will, very favorable development not only to regulate the hardware market, even the furniture industry, has very important significance. Because of the furniture industry together to promote and use some standard hardware, better to improve the quality of furniture, with many high quality products to the customers can.

The quality of our hardware in the end? Is reliable, it is needed to regulate the standard group. Only do the specification, development of hardware industry become more powerful. At this point, many people are very clear. The quality of hardware is bad, it is difficult to ensure the long-term use.

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