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Pick a few tips wardrobe hardware

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In the closet, if you do not use the hardware to tighten if possible wardrobe is not available. For this problem, but don't know. So we use the hardware accessories, especially for the wardrobe, the more need to pay attention to some problems, the following will tell you about a simple tips wardrobe buy hardware.timg.jpg

First, pay attention to brand awareness

A big wardrobe hardware, due to the test of the market, consumer groups of accumulation, need to have a good reputation. Now, the wardrobe hardware good brand is very thick, the surface is very smooth, load-bearing capacity is also very strong, the use of wardrobe, not out of road phenomenon. Such as hardware a poor, using a thin metal and some very cheap metal production, when in use, the door will be very smooth.

Second, judging from the appearance of quality

Wardrobe hardware the appearance of some good, see what appearance have defects, such as how to choose electroplating gloss. The surface gloss, no spots. Choose how, hinge, appearance, difference, and poor quality of the hinge through observation, can see the thickness.

Third, through the touch can test the handle

Choose handle things, now on the market with a plastic handle, zinc alloy, stainless steel, Aluminum Alloy, many widely used zinc alloy handle, surface coating technology is very important. To the surface plating layer when no treatment, very easy to break off, there are a lot of things and corrosion effects.

Fourth, experience the door opening and closing effect

For the preparation of sealing wardrobe choice, a slide, demanding locks, more open, pull many times will feel the flexibility and convenience of sliding door hardware are good, high-quality performance of a combination of tracks and pulleys.

When there is a demand for people to choose hardware wardrobe, really need to master some skills to buy the best buy. To master the skills, be able to better choose the cabinet hardware, the hardware in the wardrobe, can play a good role.

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