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Present situation and future development direction of hardware tool industry in China

Author:screwdriver bits Comefrom: Date:2017-07-15 15:11:14 Hits:0 Comment:0

In recent years, the development momentum of China's hardware market is very good, this industry has become the important field of our country economic growth and consumption, at this stage, China's industry is mainly low product as the mainstream, key components and high-end products are still not achieved domestically.

Hardware market is a broad prospect, the rapid development of the industry in recent years, both the number of production scale and product have been leaps and bounds and increase exports of metal products and sales of foreign enterprises including hardware grow with each passing day. China saw huge hardware consumer market, hardware market now appears more and more multinational companies.

China's hardware industry, to continuously promote the upgrading of industrial structure, but also to play the advantages of traditional industries as hardware products. To realize the transformation to the technology intensive industry, improve the high-end product market competitiveness, and shorten the International Hardware bigwigs gap.

The traditional products are daily products, these things must exist, new industries are all relying on these traditional industries as the basis for the development of the industry in China has the advantage of the foundation, the arrival of a new era, the traditional industry needs to keep pace with the times, to seek new development, the industry is not far behind, only more backward production mode hardware, enterprises need to enhance the awareness of innovation, vigorously develop the development of high-end technology, high-end products, professional R & D team components, the only way to make the implementation of high-end hardware products and localization.

The development of industrial clusters, promote industrial upgrading, optimize industrial structure, enhance the solid domestic market, in the same industry groups within the competitive advantage, and actively explore overseas markets. The hardware industry's development is mature, how to make the competitiveness and productivity have continued, is to think about the survival and development of enterprises and industries must. Now the domestic and international market competition is very fierce, the hardware industry should continue to develop, to break the bottleneck, maintain its own advantages, the initiative and discourse on the market, for the industry to achieve sustainable development.

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