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China's hardware tool industry has gone to a high standard, high quality, high efficiency road of development

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Our hardware tool has experienced many years of development, has become a world power industry, annual sales of more than one hundred billion, of which exports more than 14 billion U.S. dollars. Hardware tools has experienced rapid development, through the deep analysis of industrial development, now has formed a certain marketing ability and strong manufacturing capabilities, hardware tool industry in our country in the future, will move toward the high-end, boutique, professional road.

China is now the largest hardware tools in manufacturing and exporting industry is in recession period, compared to the traditional European power tool manufacturing face, China hardware tools are to gentrification, cluster and specialization.

During 13th Five-Year, the backbone of the enterprise hardware industry, using tools to repair and machining, forging and combination of CNC machine tools and other advanced processing, in the controlled atmosphere heat, environmental protection electroplating and other advanced technology to transform, improve the hardware industry labor productivity, but also improve the level and quality of products, the added value to the high standard, high efficiency, innovation and development of high quality road.

Now to promote sales in the industry standards, based on strengthening foreign exchange, construction, manufacturing and other aspects, strengthen Chinese hardware industry in the world, with the enhancement of comprehensive national strength and technology, high-end manufacturing industry in our country has been recognized worldwide, which is internationally recognized as the solid foundation of hardware products.

To enhance the rise of Chinese manufacturing cannot do without hardware tools manufacturing level, now the national promotion "The Belt and Road" for hardware tools to emerging markets has laid a good groundwork.

With the increasing demand of domestic sales channels and improve the system, before the companies concerned in sales is very small, and slow back this kind of problem has also been improved greatly. The domestic market is very stable, can effectively resist the market risk of the enterprise, can create a self domestic system, can also trade dealers cooperation and strength strong. Development of the hardware industry, there are more opportunities.

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