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In 2017, the market share of electric hardware tools was far ahead

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An electric tool belongs to hardware tools, product application field is very extensive, electric tools into different kinds, mainly grinding electric tools, metal cutting electric tools, electric tools for railway, assembly of electric tools.timg.jpg

And in daily life when often used to hardware tools are very much, such as electric wrench, impact drill, etc., different types of tools with different fields. In our country there is strong demand for electronic hardware and tools, this also leads to the rapid development of the hardware industry in every corner of the world, you can see China hardware products figure, this is because with the rise of Chinese manufacturing, from application to quality and other aspects, Chinese hardware products have been to the world.

2017 hardware tools will change? The hot search ranking can see, 2017 hardware category search ranking, followed by hardware accessories, hardware tools, fasteners, wire mesh, abrasives, locks and so on. The hardware proportion is 31%, in the first place to far.

Hardware tools, daily drilling drilling, electric tools, engraving the hot, also reflects the market demand in the house become a craze in the environment, building decoration industry has been rapid development, is also one of the auxiliary tool for electric tools, so followed. Many families in the purchase of household electric tools, these are the product will increase the demand for electric hardware advantage is very prominent, such as convenient operation, easy portability, simple structure, easy maintenance and many other advantages, in the construction industry, bridge construction, railway, highway, machinery manufacturing industry, agriculture and animal husbandry, forestry and other departments of agriculture production application widely, and service in Home Furnishing decoration etc, also have a lot of applications. Using hardware tools, can improve the processing quality, improve working conditions, reduce labor intensity and improve labor productivity, the effect is obvious, so deeply Welcome

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