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How should the user choose the right hydraulic wrench?

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In the actual production and life, and remove the bolt preload large must use professional hardware tools, that is hydraulic wrench. So, in the end with the usual manual hydraulic wrench wrench and what is the difference between the working principle and composition of it? What is the case, people should choose the appropriate tool. Hydraulic wrench? Today we'll look at hardware tools manufacturers staff is how to tell people.4_63f326de6295d5c84f28da089a90db9b.jpg

First of all, for hydraulic wrench products, as the name suggests, it is relying on the use of hydraulic technology, in the concrete work, with its special pump as a power source, only the piston rod of the hydraulic torque of the internal drive back and forth do action in use, we can achieve the preload and remove the bolts in the composition of functions. The specific structure, which consists of a working head, hydraulic pump and high pressure pipe sections, wherein the working head used to hold convenient to tighten or loosen the bolts, hydraulic pump is the main power source, electricity or compressed air drive are possible, and the high pressure pipe in the hydraulic wrench as a media, it the main function is to transfer power to the working head.

Secondly, on the choice of hydraulic wrench, it should be from the two main aspects of the specification and the size of the bolt itself bolt torque consideration. Bolt in the specifications above, now bolt models are commonly used M36, M42, M48 several, which corresponds to the type of hydraulic wrench is 55,65,75, of course, in the actual work because of work need to have a bolt size bigger or smaller, the wrench in the choice of hydraulic wrench can choose two types of wrenches or special models. On the bolt torque size, the main consideration with bolt type, different materials, and the difference between making process reasons, because these differences will cause the torque, so the choice of the best hydraulic wrench bolt torque to understand, and then select the appropriate wrench and tighten or loosen. The hardware industry experts said in a Like, as long as can take into account the bolt torque specifications, size selection factors driving the corresponding wrench can be used, but there is a limit or thread twisting bolts have longer in space when it is best to use the hollow hydraulic wrench

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