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Why hardware prices vary greatly?

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About access to the people living in the hardware tools, there is always a great feeling, because of its variety, use is also involved in all aspects of people's lives, the price difference is very big, small to a few pieces of hair, while tens of thousands. So, in the end what kind of factors make hardware tools the price difference on the market is so great, we take a look at the industry experts is how to explain it

In fact, the main reason of the price difference is the difference of function and hardware tools and technology. "Industry experts said. Different hardware tools which is used for fastening, such as pliers to cut off effect, and bending the metal wires, the wrench is used to tighten or loosen the bolts, and so on, it is also because of these differences in function and use of the difference is caused by different kinds of hardware tools. Even in the same hardware tools, different styles of the tools included in the technology content is different, for those with high technical content, full-featured hardware tools, their cost is high, the price is more than the average the price of expensive hardware tools.

"The difference in addition to their function, hardware tools sales area and brand influence size is also affect factors hardware tool price differences." industry experts tell all consumers. For those areas of economic development, people's income is relatively high, the consumption level is higher, and the tool of making material freight that labor costs will be higher, which will increase the cost of making it invisible, the sales price is also high.

In terms of brand influence, high visibility, high credibility of the famous brand products in order to be able to maintain its security and reputation, its promotional costs, advertising costs will also invest more, and these costs will be integrated into the price, which is why the famous brand tools expensive than ordinary hardware tools.

In a word, there are many factors that affect the price of hardware tools, but the principle of "one penny for one" is still to be noticed by every consumer. We should not seek the hardware tools that are cheap to buy

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