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Hardware tool Expo opens the "wisdom made" trend

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About hardware tools, in the impression of people is nothing more than a variety of different types of pliers, wrench, screwdriver, these common household tools, in fact, with the current industrial production needs and technology continues to improve, the new hardware is more and more in the field of vision of people, especially people in visited recently the Hardware Expo is to present with hardware tools entered the intelligent stage.

In May this year, Zhejiang Wuyi Exhibition Center held a special Hardware Expo and electric tools supporting the meeting, attended the meeting and Expo including more than 200 domestic and foreign well-known hardware tools, electric tools, supporting collaboration between production enterprises, all participating in the fair on their production of sophisticated hardware tools, electric tools and high-end DC the UAV shows that people eye-opening, especially intelligent tools show is attracting most of the people's attention.

The Zhejiang Wuyi adjacent to Yongkang and Yiwu, geographical advantages make it become hardware tools industry and auto industry distribution center and production base, especially in recent years, people on the hardware tools of the increasing demand is to increase the total output value of Wuyi area hardware tools and electric tools. It is reported that only in in 2016, Wuyi electric tool area shipments amounted to 4 billion, of which the hammer production occupied the country's share of about seventy percent.

In this exhibition, people see the high-tech to bring people surprise. Every manufacturer will own the company carefully developed high-tech tools in the Expo conspicuous position, and a dedicated staff to tell people their manufacturers for products of black technology, the entire exposition in a sense is a hardware the tool shows. In addition, a tool company from Zhejiang in order to attract the attention of passers-by, also carried out a UAV performance.

For the convening of the hardware and electric tools supporting the meeting, organized the meeting said the staff of the Expo for hardware products exhibition, has an important significance to promote enterprise and brand, it will greatly promote the National Hardware industry healthy development.

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