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The fierce competition in the hardware industry in the world is in urgent need of the transformation of the hardware industry

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At present, China has become a powerful nation in hardware manufacturing. However, the total export value is only a few percent in total production. If China wants to become a strong power in manufacturing industry, it needs a large number of powerful hardware manufacturing industries to form a manufacturing center with distinctive characteristics and international fame.

The hardware industry is facing challenges in terms of management tools, management experience and management personnel. Price management, market management and sales management are only at a medium level at present, and the economic management mode has not really embarked on the ideal agent way.

At present, many domestic manufacturers and brand core competitiveness is very weak, there is a diversification strategy and excessive competition, now the size of Chinese hardware enterprises is relatively small, so you should hurry all, should be the first type of product to do fine, do the world first-class products. The company is familiar to all of us, are for everyone to leave a a very clear impression, it is not very large, but to achieve the ultimate product.

Now our hardware manufacturers scale is limited, it is difficult to melt into the capital. Compared with the design capacity of the hardware business and the international enterprises in the design of hardware, ability and processing means, are far behind them, transnational hardware have advanced design, but the hardware enterprises in our country, at present is the lack of funds, lack of technology, most of the products in the same level, development difficulties, tend to fall into a price war.

We see that the multinational enterprises have the hardware property rights, modern enterprise system operation, but the traditional hardware manufacturing enterprise in our country, there is also a circle, it is still the traditional management mechanism, because these companies are mostly out of the traditional mechanism, so these are restricting competitive play.

Although the China hardware enterprises in the world have a space for one person, however, compared with the distance from the global hardware enterprises, now the world famous hardware enterprises have entered the market of Chinese hardware hardware enterprises in our country, the form of absolute pressure and challenges.

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