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The most important thing to buy a cupboard is to see the hardware tool accessories

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In the quality of family life , kitchen decoration is very important for home decoration , but in the kitchen decoration , it is very easy to be neglected , but also the most important aspect is hardware , especially in the whole kitchen . Hardware is very important . The kitchen has many oil smoke , the environment is moist , the hardware is able to adapt to be a key , the service life of the cabinet is the hardware , should say hardware is a very important sign to distinguish the cabinet . timg.jpgKitchen hardware tools , to connect the door panel and the cabinet body accurately , and hardware must bear the weight of the door plank alone , to keep the consistency unchanged . If hardware quality is poor , use a certain period of time will slip off the corner , front - back . Buy the kitchen hardware hinge , should choose that kind of easy to install and disassemble , no tools should also be able to dismantle itself . This simpler kitchen hardware tool , is very popular . The damping system is mainly applied to the cabinet door and the cabinet drawer . Therefore , the damping system is very important to the cabinet door . For example , the damping drawer has automatic closing technology and buffering technology , so that the drawer filled with the kitchen item can be automatically closed after buffering , so that the various articles in the drawer can be automatically closed after buffering , but the collision is not caused , and the damping drawer can be automatically and slowly closed by pushing the drawer lightly . Other hardware items on the cabinet also have folding doors and aluminum alloy skirting . In addition to seeing the whole , it must not be overlooked when purchasing cabinets . In the market , the import hardware of Italy and Germany is a large share , and they are the world ' s largest producer of hardware in the forefront . But our country also has some very good hardware tools brand , the purchase time as much as possible the brand of hardware tools , because the kitchen hardware tools are to be used for a long time , the daily use frequency is very high , so it is also worthwhile to spend more money .

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