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hardware tools development is inseparable of internet thinking

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Undeniably, with the gradual deepening of the "Internet plus" era, the hardware and tools industry has increasingly become a new force in it. However, as one of the traditional industrial industries, how can the hardware tool industry use the Internet platform to integrate information and communication technology, and then create its own new ecological field, and realize the cross-border development of its own enterprises? On this issue, industry experts said that in order to achieve the rapid development of the Internet age of hardware tools, first of all, every hardware tool enterprise needs to have Internet thinking.1/2 bit socket T50

Murdoch, a famous media scholar in the United States, once said that when the original residents in the non digital world are attacked by the digital wave, they think of its rapid departure from the past. However, Chen Honglin, an economist, said: "as a non indigenous people in the Internet world, we do not want to look forward to its past under its invasion, but to learn and master the way of thinking of the Internet, and embrace the Internet from its perspective and keep in line with it, which will lead to our own failure.

Some people don't know what Internet thinking is. In fact, the so-called Internet thinking is an internal way of thinking about products, consumers and business forms in various industries. Under the guidance of this way, it can change the business ecology of the industry. "

In the age of Internet, every enterprise in the hardware tool industry needs to establish a hierarchical system among related personnel, personnel and enterprises, as well as between personnel and various hardware tools, and to design a flat structure. In this structure, consumers are no longer faced with all kinds of hardware products that dealers and agents contact, but directly contact with the tools produced by hardware manufacturers.

Hardware tools manufacturers need to learn to focus on customers in the era of Internet plus, to produce and develop products and related services that customers need, so as to impress every user. That is the core of Internet thinking.

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