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How to develop and take off with the help of "Internet" in hardware tool Industry

Author:screwdriver bits Comefrom: Date:4/24/2019 2:17:10 AM Hits:0 Comment:0

The "Internet +" strategy can be said to be a very convenient development strategy. So how can the traditional hardware industry use the "Internet +" to create a new ecology, so that it can achieve better development and take off?20140328525598.jpg
The first thing that will change about the Internet is the three-dimensional relationships between people and between people and products. In other words, users in this era are no longer only able to access goods through dealers or agents, but can directly use the Internet to face.The Internet is more for users across the Internet. Therefore, what you need to do to make good use of the Internet + is to stand on the user's point of view, focus on customers, and always focus on users, through high-quality products and superior services. To impress customers.
To get users to act on our products, what we need to do is to make the product more "beautiful". This "beauty" refers not only to the appearance of the product, but also to the sensitivity of the product. It is not easy for traditional hardware companies to do this, mainly because hardware is strictly a rational product.
It is very important for the traditional hardware industry to break the rationality and sensibility and combine these two thoughts. The most effective method of communication in the Internet era is undoubtedly word-of-mouth communication, and the biggest feature of word-of-mouth communication is that there is no way to force.
Whether it's microblogging or WeChat, there are only two things that can be done when our users are impressed. Hardware tools need to make our users volunteer as your voluntary communication channel.
The first is to provide users with the ultimate product experience. The second is to understand the consumer's demands and then provide them with solutions. What the traditional hardware industry needs to do is to know how to grasp the consumer's sensibility. Then make a strong emotional appeal to the user.

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