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In order to develop hardware tools, we need to increase the added value.

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With the continuous popularization of intelligent life, the hardware tool industry has also entered the stage of renewal, it has the traditional manual versatility to the intelligent, humanized stage began to transform and develop. Among the many hardware tools in our country, sleeve tools, horticultural tools, wrench tools and handmade tools and clamp tools occupy the top of the export. But even so, we still develop one of the shortcomings, that is, most of these hardware tools are exported to the middle and low grade products, the real high-grade products and high value-added hardware tools are still monopolized by the economically developed countries in Europe and the United States. wzd04c244457c1459c82ed1704846a3c66.jpgIn the relevant reports, we can clearly see that in the international hardware tool market, most of the hardware products developed and produced by developed countries are hardware products with high scientific and technological content, and most of the middle and low grade hardware tools they need are imported from the third world, which is mostly due to the development of production technology, the high labor price, and the easy installation and maintenance characteristics of building hardware products in Europe and the United States. Most of them produce and export high value-added products that are relatively expensive and technologically high, and for those universal hardware tools they obtain through imports from developing countries. As one of the major exporters of hardware tools, China sells a considerable number of hardware tools to the United States, Britain, Germany and other countries every year, such as the increase in the number of new houses in the United States, the increase in the demand for house decoration tools, the increase in the number of vehicles and the prolongation of vehicle age, the increase in the demand for manual tools, as well as the demand for electronic products distribution tools and smooth handles. However, most of the hardware tools exported to Europe and the United States are the products with low scientific and technological content, and the prices of these lower scientific and technological hardware tools are also relatively low. In order to obtain more export profits and improve the development level of hardware tool industry in our country, the hardware tool enterprises in our country need to constantly improve their R & D ability and produce and sell those high value-added tool types in order to realize the demand of the transformation of hardware tools from the middle and low end to the high end in our country.

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