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Taiwan's exports to the U.S. in May of this year before growth of 5%

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Because the current standard parts industry has become more global. Therefore, for the development of the industry in Taiwan Screwdriver Bit quite concerned about. In the first five months of this year, Taiwan's export products to the United States standard number has reached 300,000 tons or more, this is a kind of figures. We can take a look at Taiwan's exports to the previous years, no data.


In 2012, when Taiwan's industry standard parts in exports has been done very well, and in the screw products exported to the U.S., we can understand that the first seven months has exceeded 305,200 tons, such a data Compared to the 2011 perspective, we can say more than a 5% increase in this growth environment, we can also see that a relatively important data in the United States is Taiwan's export volume increased, but the same lies Taiwan's total exports The proportion has been decreasing, in 2012, when, although the volume of exports to the U.S. has had a further growth, but for the whole of Taiwan's share of standard proportion of exports, is already beginning to reduce, and this explains Taiwan in this industry is growing very rapidly.


With this in mind, the Taiwan reached within five months last seven months to accomplish, you can say that this year the development of Taiwan are very good, if you can no longer continue to develop after two months, we are able to see by comparing This year standard parts of Taiwan industry is developing very rapidly. At the same time there is a reason that some U.S. industries have begun to require a lot of standard parts, gradually led to the recovery needs of the market, therefore, allowing the export of Taiwan does not improve on standard parts.

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